The Localofficers shortcode is a great way to list all of your association’s officers, and optionally their contact information, straight from NJEA’s data records. Utilizing this feature, one short line of text will list out all of your officers and continually update whenever you update your records with NJEA.

The most basic usage is to type this anywhere you want the list of officers to appear (like in the body of editing a page):


By default, the short code will list all of your officers names, titles and email addresses.

If you’d like for emails to only display for authenticated (or logged in) users, you can write your shortcode like this:

[localofficers enableprivateemails="true"]

If you’d prefer that emails do not appear at all, you can use this attribute (setting this to false will override the private email setting):

[localofficers enableemails="false"]

The officers short code also has Gravatar support. If you’d like to see each officer’s gravatar next to their name, you can write your short code like this:

[localofficers enablegravatar="true"]

You can mix an match any of the above attributes like this:

[localofficers enablegravatar="true" enableemails="false"]