NJEASites supports integration with MailChimp which allows local associations to synchronize their membership (according to NJEA’s membership database) with a MailChimp mailing list.   Once synchronization has been established, MailChimp will synchronize with NJEA’s membership database every night in order to keep your MailChimp mailing list up to date.

NOTEMembers’ email addresses have to be changed using MARS on the Web, and only the president, membership chair, treasurer and the member can change contact information.


In order to integrate with MailChimp, you will need 3 key items:

  1. A MailChimp Account
  2. A MailChimp List that will hold all of your members
  3. A MailChimp API Key

A MailChimp Account

You first need to provide or establish a MailChimp account.  If you do not have one already, proceed to https://mailchimp.com/signup/ and follow the easy step-by-step instructions.  Remember the user name and password you establish for your account.

A MailChimp List

Once you have established a MailChimp account, you need to create at least one mailing list that will hold all of your members.  If you do not already have a list created, you can follow the instructions at https://kb.mailchimp.com/article/how-do-i-create-a-new-list to create one.

A MailChimp API Key

The final piece of info you’ll need for your MailChimp integration is a MailChimp API key.  To generate a new key, head to https://us4.admin.mailchimp.com/account/api/ and click on “Add A Key”.  You’ll see a new key generated for you under the “Your API Keys” section.  The key is the long string of numbers and letters in the 3rd column of the table.  It should look like this: e4f5b34a6df6c63492ab53bb10462897-us4

Configuring the Integration

Follow these steps to configure the integration between MailChimp and your NJEASites web site:

  1.  Log into your web site and go to the admin dashboard.
  2. Hover your mouse over “Settings” and then click on MailChimp in the sub-menu.
  3. Copy your MailChimp API Key (generated in the prerequisites) and paste it into the “MailChimp API Key” text box.
  4. Click “Save Changes”.
  5. At this point, the word “Passed” should appear in green next to API Key Test.  If it doesn’t, be sure that you are entering a correct API key above.  Worst case scenario, generate a new API key and give that a try until you see the green word “Passed” next to API Key Test.
  6. Auto Opt In defaults to Yes, which means that members will automatically be registered to your mailing list.  If you’d prefer them to be asked if they want to participate or not, then set this to No.  Either way, members can always opt out of the list after the first mass email arrives.
  7. Select the Mailing List (created as part of our prerequisites) that you’d like to synchronize with from the Mailing List dropdown.
  8. Click “Save Changes”.
  9. Finally, click the “Synchronize” button to perform your first synchronization.  Your list will also sync every night from here on.
  10. If you log into MailChimp now, you should see that the mailing list you selected to integrate with has been updated with your membership list.

That’s all there is to it.  You should not ever have to look at these settings again unless you would like to change the mailing list or API key of your MailChimp configuration.