This ‘Toolbar’ tutorial covers:

  • Viewing the ‘Toolbar’
  • ‘Toolbar’ options overview
  • User profile information
  • Site post and page search

When logged onto your site a bar with a variety of menu options will display at the top of the screen called the ‘Toolbar’. The ‘Toolbar’ is stacked with useful tools, quick access to some of the most used WordPress features and basic user settings and information.

Under the WordPress icon you will find links to WordPress support, feedback and the WordPress documentation.

If you’re apart of a network, the next option is ‘My Sites’. ‘My Sites’ gives you a list of links to all of the sites you have access to on that network. Hovering over the site name will reveal options to visit the ‘Dashboard’, create a ‘New Post’, ‘Manage ‘Comments’ and a ‘Visit Site’ option.

Next you will find a button providing options to access different areas of the site you are currently logged on to. If you are viewing this menu from the front-end of your site, the menu items will be similar to the network ‘My Sites’ submenus. If you are in the dashboard you will see options for visiting the site and editing information about the site.

The number next to the talk box icon will let you know if there are any new comments. Clicking this will take you to the ‘Comments’ screen. All of the options under ‘New’ are fast access creating or adding new Posts, Media, Pages or Users.

Hovering over the welcome message with your name and avatar will open a menu giving you options to view and edit your profile settings and to log out. If you are viewing the toolbar from the front-end of your site, a search icon will display allowing you to quickly search through all the posts and pages on your site.