In order to utilize the SMS feature of NJEASITES please use the steps below:

  1. Create a Twilio account here.  A Twilio account is required to use the SMS feature.
  2. After you have created your Twilio account and added the necessary funds you will need to copy the Account SID and Auth Token.
  3. Now you are able to return to your NJEASITE’s website and proceed to your Dashboard > NJEASITES Apps and activate the SMS app.  Watch the video tutorial.
  4. Once the SMS application has been enabled go to Dashboard > Settings > Twilio Settings
  5. On the Twilio Settings page please enter the Master Twilio SID and Master Twilio Auth Token that you copied from step two above. And click save.  This should link you website to your Twilio account. At this point you can perform all remaining tasks from within your website.
  6. Watch the video tutorial.

Creating your first SMS List

  1. Now that your Twilio account has been connected to your website you are able to follow the remaining steps to create SMS list for members to subscribe.
  2. To create your first subscription list go to website Dashboard > SMS Lists > New List Wizard
  3. Once on the SMS List Setup Wizard Page, please enter a List Name, this name is just used as a friendly name as a reminder as to what the list pertains to.
  4. Click the “Client” button at the bottom to proceed to the next step.  Once on the SMS Client page use the dropdown box to select “New Client”.  Enter a Client Name/Title, this is again a friendly name for your use.  Select Use main/default or create subaccount.  This step is referring to your Twilio account and if you would like to use the main account phone number associated with the account or create a subaccount (new number) to associate with this particular list.  Lastly set a monthly message limit for tracking and monitoring purposes. Click Phone number to proceed to the next step.
  5. Enter a local area code in the open field and click search.  Choose any of the numbers that appear by clicking the radio button next to the number.  Click Keywords to proceed to the next step.
  6. Choose a keyword.  The keyword is the word that a member can text to the phone number chosen in step five in order to subscribe to the list. To proceed to the next step of the wizard click on Messages, it is ok to skip over Voice unless you have a particular use for the voice function.
  7. In this step there are four boxes that require your input.
    1. New Subscriber – Enter a message that welcomes your new list subscriber.
    2. Current Subscriber – Enter a message that lets a member know that they are already subscribed to the list.
    3. Re Subscriber – Enter a message that welcomes back a user to the list.
    4. Unsubscriber – Enter a goodbye message that a member will receive when leaving a list.
  8. Click confirm to proceed to the next step.
  9. Click Create List to finish the wizard.
  10. Once you have completed the above steps you will have susccessfully create your first SMS subscriber list where a member can subscribe to in order to receive messages that is sent from your NJEASITES website.
  11. Watch the video tutorial.

Sending your first SMS Message

  1. In this example we will create a SMS message, choose a list and send the message.
  2. In order to create a SMS message to reach your members go to your website Dashboard > SMS Messages > New SMS Messages
  3. First fill out the title of the SMS message, this is used for internal reference and will not be sent in the SMS message.
  4. In the SMS Broadcast box, enter the SMS message that you would like to be sent out to members.
  5. Next in the “Lists” metabox choose the list that you would like the SMS message to be sent to by clicking the check box next the name of the list of your choice.
  6. Your final step to is the click the Publish button in order to send the SMS message.
  7. Watch the video tutorial.

Advertising your SMS List

  1. In order for your members to add their mobile phone numbers to your SMS list you can place a widget in a sidebar.
  2. First go the SMS list that you have already created.
  3. Scroll down the page and look for the Webform metabox.  In this metabox there is a Code Snippet box, select all of the text within this box and copy it.
  4. Now navigate to Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets and place a Text Widget in any of your widgets areas.
  5. In the Text Widget paste the text from step 3 into the text field.  You may add a title if you so choose.
  6. Click save.
  7. Visit your website to view the SMS webform that you just created.
  8. Watch the video tutorial.

Second Subscription Method

  1. Another option for members to subscribe to your SMS list that you have created is to just have your member send a SMS message with the “keyword” you created from their mobile phone to the number associated with your list.
  2. So for example if we created a SMS list with the keyword “local ea” and a phone number of 555-111-1234 your members can subscribe to this list by send a test message from their phones to 555-111-1234 with a message of “local ea” and they will automatically added to your list.  They will also receive your predefined message back from your list such as: “Welcome” if they are a new subscriber.