This ‘Changing Themes’ tutorial covers:

  • Locating the ‘Themes’ screen
  • Customize options in the current theme
  • Switching themes
  • Themes preview option

How people interact with your site and the overall visual appeal is largely determined by your theme. Choosing the right theme or switching themes can add great value to your site.

To find ‘Themes’ look under the ‘Appearance’ tab in the WordPress dashboard. The ‘Themes’ screen displays a list of all of the themes available on your site for immediate use. The ‘Active’ theme has a button for quickly accessing the ‘Customizer’.

Hovering over a theme will reveal access to the ‘Theme Details’ option, The ‘Activate’ button and the ‘Live Preview’ option. Clicking ‘Live Preview’ will take you to the ‘Customizer’ screen where you can play around with the theme options and make some basic configurations before making the changes public. To make your changes go live click ‘Save & Activate’ or you can leave your theme unaffected by clicking ‘Cancel’.