Using the Contract Timer

Countup Timers To display a countup timer, insert into your posts/pages/widgets a code like this:     [countup date=YYYY/MM/DD-hh:mm:ss] For [timer], this film is released in cinemas! [/countup]   · YYYY = year · MM = month (from 1 to 12) · DD = day number of the month (from 1 to 31) · hh = hours · mm = […]

Introductions to Widgets

This ‘Widgets’ video tutorial covers: Using a widget Finding the ‘Widgets’ manager Navigating the ‘Widgets’ screen Adding and organizing widgets Adding, managing and saving widget settings The ‘Accessibility Mode’ ‘Widgets’ are a simple and efficient way of adding content and features to the sidebars, or any other widgetized areas of your site. Many themes include […]

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