RSSWidgetShortcode Followed by url=… and how many items to display Here is an example of two column layout with an NJEA Rss feed, which you can substitute for anything else. NJEA News and Publications [RSSWidgetShortcode url=’’ items=5] NJEA Issues and Political Action [RSSWidgetShortcode url=’’ items=5]

Using the Local Officers Shortcode

The Localofficers shortcode is a great way to list all of your association’s officers, and optionally their contact information, straight from NJEA’s data records. Utilizing this feature, one short line of text will list out all of your officers and continually update whenever you update your records with NJEA. The most basic usage is to […]

How to Use Shortcodes

The Shortcode Generator functionality adds a button to the WYSIWYG post/page editor in your WordPress back-end, which allows you to access all of the WooFramework’s shortcodes in a one-click fashion. You can then tweak the attributes and settings for the various shortcodes and drop them into your post. Quick and easy. Instead of having to […]

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