Image Galleries

This ‘Image Gallery’ tutorial covers: Finding ‘Create Gallery’ from the ‘Post Editor’ Adding images to a gallery Giving photos in a gallery a caption Arranging gallery images ‘Gallery Settings’ Editing an existing gallery The ‘Gallery’ option in WordPress lets you post a collection of images as thumbnails into your post. To create a gallery from […]

Replace images in a Post or Page

This ‘Replace Images’ tutorial covers: Deleting an existing image Selecting an image from the ‘Media Library’ Uploading a new image Updating your content You can quickly change out images in a post or a page. If you want to replace an image that is in one of your posts or pages, click on the image […]

Embed videos, images and media into posts and pages

This ‘Embedding Media’ tutorial covers: Working with media URLs Using the ‘Embed’ tag Adding an embed code WordPress makes it easy to embed media into a post or page using only a URL from popular media content services like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Flickr, SmugMug, SoundCloud, Twitter, Hulu–and the list goes on. To embed a video, […]

Introduction to Media Library

This ‘Media Library’ tutorial covers: Locating the Media Library Accepted media types Editing files from the Media Library Deleting images, videos, audio and documents The Media Library is a directory of every media file that gets uploaded to your site. Every image, video, audio track and document that gets uploaded, whether from the page or […]

Introduction to the Image Editor

This ‘Image Editor’ tutorial covers: Finding the image editor Rotating images Cropping images Scaling images Restoring an image Having control over how images display on your site can make your content more visually appealing by allowing you to layout your content the way you imagine it. You can access the image editor by first hovering […]

Set Featured Image for a Post or Page

This ‘Featured Images’ video tutorial covers: Locating the ‘Set Featured Image’ button Uploading an image Adding an image from the ‘Media Library’ Editing or deleting an image Publishing or updating content ‘Featured Images’ are images set to represent a Post, a Page or a Custom Post Type. Where a featured image actually displays on your […]

Creating Playlists

This ‘Playlists’ tutorial covers: Locating the playlist option Adding files to a playlist Naming and ordering media files Selecting ‘Playlist’ display options Adding image thumbnails to your playlist To create a video or audio playlist click the ‘Add Media’ button. If you have uploaded audio and video files to your ‘Media Library’ you will see […]

Upload Media to the Media Library

This ‘Upload Media’ tutorial covers: Finding ‘Upload New Media’ Drag-and-Drop uploader File selector Accessing the media editor WordPress offers a simple drag-and-drop Media Uploader with multi-file selection for adding files to the ‘Media Library’ quickly and efficiently. To open the ‘Upload New Media’ screen hover over ‘Media’ in the sidebar of the Dashboard and click […]

Add Image from URL

This ‘Add Image from URLs’ tutorial covers: Copying an image URL ‘Insert from URL’ Image settings Limitations when using URL’s You can include images on your site that are hosted at other locations on the web. When you find the image you want to use, hover over the image, right click on it and copy […]

Add an Image from Media Library

This ‘Adding Media Library Images’ tutorial covers: Accessing the ‘Media Library’ Selecting an image Adjusting the image settings The ‘Media Library’ stores all of the images uploaded to your site in one place–making it easy to access images in the future. To add an image to a post or a page that is already in […]

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