This ‘Deleting Images’ tutorial covers:

  • Removing images from posts and pages
  • Permanently deleting an image
  • Deleting a group of images

Having full control over what images display where and what media files are stored on your server are valuable assets when managing a website.

Removing an image from a post or a page can be done by going to the post or page editor, hovering over the image you would like to remove and clicking the ‘ב icon that appears in the corner of the image. If the image was uploaded to the site, removing the image from the post or page will not delete the image from the ‘Media Library’.

To completely delete an image from your ‘Media Library’, click media in the dashboard. From here you can hover over an image and the ‘Action Menu’ will appear giving you a ‘Delete Permanently’ option. It is important to note that images ‘Deleted Permanently’ from the ‘Media Library’ are not moved to a trash can–if you do not have your images saved in another location you will not be able to recover the deleted files.

You can permanently delete multiple media files at once by selecting the files you want to get rid of and from the ‘Bulk Actions’ drop-down menu choosing ‘Delete Permanently’.