This ‘Add New Page’ tutorial covers:

  • Creating a new page
  • Adding page content
  • The ‘Preview’ page tool
  • ‘Save Draft’
  • Publishing a page

Because of how ‘Pages’ are structured, they are most often used to show content that doesn’t change very often. To access the ‘Add New Page’ screen, from the dashboard hover over ‘Pages’ and click ‘Add New’.

In the first text field give your page a title. Pressing the tab key will move the cursor into the text editor for adding and editing content to the body of your new page.

If you would like to save the content of your new page without making it live on your site click the ‘Save Draft’ button in the ‘Publish’ module. Clicking ‘Preview’ will let you see what your new page will look like when published. If your are satisfied with your new page click ‘Publish’ and the content will be added to your site.